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A schoolboy's drawing comes to life! It does not take long until the drawn man grows a disdain to its blank and bland environment. After spotting a potentially exciting and luscious location beyond the page's edge, the drawn man must get to it through sheer will and effort. Through its attempts, the drawn man butts heads with its very own creator, however the creator begins to pity the drawn man and attempts to help it reach its goal. Once the drawn man reaches the other location, it discovers it is not physically able to enter it. The creator, after seeing the dismay of the drawn man,
decides to do what little they can to help give the drawn man an exciting spot to reside.

"A brilliant mix of live action and animation. Very clever and well crafted with some great gags. A feel good and inventive watch."

- IndieFilmopolis Film Festival

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Through the course of production, the narrative of Page's Edge had to adapt. With the pandemic factoring hugely into the live-action aspects of this project, the location and, consequently, the character's motivation changed during this stage.

The process of rotoscope was used as the animation medium due to it enabling a realistic portrayal of the humanoid, drawn characters. Although tedious - as most forms of animation can be - it proved a wise choice.


Initially the film was set in a class room, where I was even able to get a days shooting before a national lockdown. This sent the film back to the dra back to the drawing board.

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