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Despite my studies in Animation, it was not until after graduating where I branched out in my animation style and form. During my final year of studies I primarily focused on the process of rotoscoping due to the needs of my graduate piece. Since then however, through multiple commissioned and personal projects, I have begun to experiment with other forms of 2D animation; examples being cut-out and freehand.

Page's Edge

A Christmas



My Work

Here are some of my favourite projects I have worked on over recent years. From my degree piece, commissioned work and even passion projects.



My graduate film, 'Page's Edge', is a hybrid of live-action and animation where we follow a school boy's drawing come to life and struggle with the confines of the page. 

Despite winning multiple awards, the two festivals I was most honoured to be selected for were the 'British Short Film Awards' due to its prestige, and the 'Golden Knight Film Festival Malta' due to my Maltese heritage.

"A brilliant mix of live action and animation. Very clever and well crafted with some great gags. A feel good and inventive watch."

- IndieFilmopolis Film Festival



This project was made for the charity 'Going Public'. The spoken word, by Meg Probert, explores one's experience living with depression during the festive period. 

I went with a paper-like texture for all the assets in this project due to the association the material has with that time of year, i.e; wrapping paper, paper hats and paper decorations.

Spoken word: Meg Probert

Music: Paul Trenchard



An Evening with Rob Parsons - Intro 1/5

An Evening with Rob Parsons - Intro 1/5
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An Evening with Rob Parsons - Intro 1/5

An Evening with Rob Parsons - Intro 1/5

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An Evening with Rob Parsons -  Child 2/5

An Evening with Rob Parsons - Child 2/5

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An Evening With Rob Parsons - Youth 3/5

An Evening With Rob Parsons - Youth 3/5

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For this project I worked alongside the organisation 'Care For The Family', I was tasked with making 5 animated clips to use as transitions during their live show. 

The event, 'An Evening with Rob Parsons', was a celebration of the life of one of one of the core people of the organisation who was set to retire. Each of the animated segments follow Rob at a different moment in his life. 

After having seen my graduate film, 'Care For The Family' asked for this project to follow the same rotoscope style as 'Page's Edge'.

Frimley 10:100


A commission from the organisation 'Unleadership'; they were assigned to create a research journal for a social experiment looking at a new form of leading titled 'Frimley 10:100". 

I was tasked with condensing their extensive research journal, into a short animation that can be understood by the general public.

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