I have always been a fan of film and television, however, it was not until during my studies in Animation where I realised that I had a passion to work in the live-action medium as well. This is the primary reason why my graduate film 'Page's Edge' is a hybrid of the two mediums.

Since the beginning of 2020, I have amassed and collected some 'budget' film making equipment such as the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k. I have found that owning these pieces of equipment has proved very useful in my development in this different format. Although in this medium my main goal is to work on narrative projects, in the meantime I have really been enjoying filming and editing an array of non-narrative projects; from BTS videos of others' work, to commissioned pieces.

I look to continue to develop my knowledge in this industry as well as developing my own style and visual language. Despite enjoying working in these two different industries separately, I do hope to continue to work on hybrid projects to connect the two mediums; I found through working on 'Page's Edge' that it can be a very enjoyable and informative experience.